The Dr. Phil M&M (1939-2005) was created by M&M corp. to sell the product known as M&M. He was the spokesperson for M&M from 1979 until 2005 when he was fired for sexual misconduct. He was given his own clothing line called Timbs which he never got to see as he tragically passed away from flexor colonitis inflammus majoritius in 2005 but his legacy lives on in his deadass fly as heck timbs.

From his death until the end of the universe, Dr. Phil M&M was known as the being in possession of the most clout, however since his tragic passing, the title of CLOUT KING has remained in limbo.

Why the fuck this no-nose lookin mfker got his own M&M made to look like him i honestly have no idea.

Life & Times Edit

Dr. Barnabus Philliamus was born Doctor Barnabanumnus Philliaminanium the Second on a small farm in Johio, Missouri. His mother was a blue M&M and his father was a yellow M&M, giving Dr. Phil his emerald pigmentation which became famously delicious once advertised.

After his death, Dr. Phil left all of his possessions (excluding his clout) to his stepson, You Know I Had To Do It To Em guy.

Quotes Edit

  • "i wasnt fuckin witchu in the first place fam." -On controversial rapper Lil' Broomstick

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