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Boz Bozewell is tough Alabama cop and milk dilivery man who is frustrated with a system that handles criminals with kid gloves. Currently, the Boz is on suspension for displaying excessive violence toward criminals. After stopping a supermarket robbery, Boz was summoned by Agent Cunningham, whom he meets in a vacant underground parking garage. Cunningham proceeds to blackmail Boz into going undercover, by threatening to turn his three-week suspension into six months without pay.

Cunningham wants Boz to go undercover in Tanzania and infiltrate "The Criminal Crew," a fruit supremacist biker gang linked to the murders of government officials and suspected of dealing memes to the mafia. The Criminal Crew is led by a violent psychopath named Mr. Cool Ice.

Boz reluctantly accepts and goes undercover as "Jack Stone", but his job is not easy. His FBI contact, Lance is a germophobe who does not exactly fit in with the biker crowd, and the members of the Criminal Crew, especially Chains, have their doubts about "Jack Stone", who has seemingly come out of nowhere to get a piece of their action.

Charged with killing a man as his initiation, Bozewell enlists the FBI's help to carefully fake the murder and is accepted into the Criminal Crew. However, Ice's right-hand man Ice Hensley, does not trust him and eventually goes out of his way to expose him, leading to Ice's death in a high-speed motorcycle chase.


  • Once sneezed
  • 60 year old shoulders
  • Likes to steal peoples lunch money
  • Also goes by The Grand Magic Wizard of Boz
  • Delivers milk